Are there really people that feel blue on cloudy days?
“Does rainy fall weather really affect your Mood?”

So, this feeling, this “I’m living like an old butcher, tired,
Enough of the smell of bloody meat,
But working, surrounded by pieces of fat and consumable death”
(is this) All about the weather?

Today I woke up like a pugilist, a boxer
Going to the 9th round.
Tired, exhausted of fighting –
Of punching another guy who’s
So much tougher and more obstinated than me.
“Should we ask for a draw?” I
Think while I dodge and hook his chin up with my fists.
And it is “because of the gray clouds, the cold breeze…perhaps it is the flu…”. OK

It is not because of life.

It is not because I miss myself
I once lost between some arms that will never embrace me again.
It is not because of my self-destructing binge drinking and
Meaningless sex life.
It is not because of my shit job that I will never quit because I’m a
It is because of the rainy day.

Listen: the Cold, the Rain, The Hidden Sun and the humidity
Are the smallest problems we have these days.
They are our friends, actually.
This is life and it isn’t over until
I don’t know.
Come rain or come shine.

Rise up your guard
Cut the meat
But listen.

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